Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Kimber An Wants

Good morning, Blog Buddies, and welcome to Showcase Sunday!

On the second Sunday of each month, each reviewer here showcases whatever she wants, be it books, interviews, news, or opinions about the industry. Or not. Depends on if she's in the mood, has time, and wants to talk about something. So tune in again tonight or tomorrow night, just in case more of us have posted something throughout Sunday. It's kind of unpredictable. I instituted Showcase Sunday after I stopped doing Cyber-Launch Parties due to Tendinitis.



(besides chocolate and a robotic chef)

Kimber An loves books. So do her offspring. And her husband. Kimber An loves all books, except Horror (except Steven King) and Erotica. Kimber An loves HOW TO MAKE AN APPLE PIE AND SEE THE WORLD by Marjorie Priceman


just as much as grown-up novels like THE HERETIC QUEEN by Michelle Moran.


Kimber An's favorites are stories which take her far and away. Kimber An reads very few stories set in the Here & Now. The novels of Gwyneth Bolton and
Karen Templeton are notable exceptions.

Right now, Kimber An is booked solid for all eternity. However, she's squeezing in certain books where she can. She just started a new blog, Young Adult Science Fiction. This has sent her on the book-hunt for YA SciFi, which is rarely labeled as such which makes the hunt more challenging which doesn't surprise her as to why young people have such a hard time finding it too. What are publishers thinking these days? If you have or know of a book which qualfies as YA SciFi, chances are Kimber An will squeeze it in if she thinks her younger friends will like it. RAZOR GIRL by Marianne Mancuzi is on the way because of this.

On a personal level, Kimber An is loooooving YA Historicals right now and that includes YA Fantasy Historicals. Kimber An wants BEWITCHING SEASON by Marissa Doyle and she wants it bad.

She's also digging up the greats in Science Fiction, like Jules Verne, but she can find those by herself.

Does Kimber An always refer to herself in Third Person? Nah. Don't worry. She's just going through a phase.


Added Later On:

I forgot to mention I'm into Steampunk now too, but I've already got plenty of that. I even went out and spent my own money (rather than getting a free ARC) to buy CLOCKWORK HEART.


Marissa Doyle said...

We might be able to do something about this...

Kimber An said...

Really? REALLY? (Kimber rushes to check eMail)

Kimber An said...

Nevermind - I found a copy of BEWITCHING SEASON here finally!

It can be unpredictable when certain books will make it to Alaska. Science Fiction, and its many subgenres, seem to be more popular than Fantasy. Oftentimes, we have to order on-line.

On a related topic, Target just opened their first two stores here in Alaska this past weekend. The shelves were cleaned off pretty fast. As far as books go, Target seems to provide mostly only bestsellers, but I was delighted to see a much wider variety of Young Adult books than at Wal-Mart. Barnes & Noble remains the best national chain here, but Title Wave bookstore - the big independent bookstore in Anchorage - is still The Best I've ever seen anywhere, Alaska or Lower 48. Timothy Zahn has done book signings there. Yes, of course, they have a website. Google it.

Heather said...

Wow, you are one busy Mama! I can't remember if you mentioned this at YASF already, but I just finished MORTAL ENGINES by Phillip Reeve (another steampunk offering). It's often (always?) shelved in YA but has some dark themes/tones/scenes that make it more appropriate for older youth. There's also a couple of light romances but not typical HEA's. Fwiw.

Mfitz said...

I think Julie Czerneda has some links to YA SF anthologies on her website