Thursday, September 17, 2009

Authors, Please Read...

...first comment under this post.

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Kimber An said...

I'm having you read this notice in the comments because I try not to post anything after a review has been posted for at least that day and the next. Busy readers tend to breeze through without scrolling down and they might miss the review.

Anyway, this coming Sunday is Showcase Sunday. If you have news you want to share, please email me or one of the other reviewers, preferably the reviewer who has reviewed for you before because they already know and love your books.

I usually visit my favorite authors' sites and the sites of those I'm due to review for soon for news, but don't count on it 'cause I'm a very busy mommy right now.

Please remember and pass along the news that we happily review ePublished novels too! I'm baffled why we don't hear from more eAuthors!