Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Showcase: Laurie Green, Aspiring Authors, Wins Contest!

Laurie Green, a fellow aspiring author, has won a writing contest. I was her Crunchy Critter back when I first started my harrowing journey through the eeeevil dreaded purgatory known horrifically as Queryland. I didn't crit the story which won though, sadly, but I did crit the one before it and she's critted a lot for me too. I am so awesomely proud of her! Here's her blog-
Here's the story at Heather's blog, which showcases all things SFR-

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Laurie Green said...

Thanks for the mention and the kudos, Kimber An. I was in attendance at the SouthWest Writers awards banquet so got the news in person that I'd won. It was very exciting. :)

Thanks again for the announcement.