Sunday, September 20, 2009

Steampunk, cons, and YA tropes

Though mysteries are always my first passion, suddenly I'm enamored with Steampunk. Of course, a steampunk mystery would be swoon worthy!

And although it's not a writing conference per se, I'm really looking forward to Steam Con 2009. What a great way to research! My little red head is going as my research partner.

Any books in any genre with steampunk tropes, I'm super interested in and can't wait to get my hands on Boneshaker! Right now, I'm working through some old classics like Jules Verne, and some new books like Alchemy of Stone.

In other news, I'm reading a ton of YA and MG. I can't tell you how much I'd love to find a YA book about a kid who really has a great relationship with her mom and dad. Do people even write these? (Besides Kimber?) I know we need conflict and tension, but surely there's room for a Gilmore Girl's sort of story where the mom and the daughter are mostly really good friends as well as parent child. If anyone knows of any of these - let me know!

That's it for my Sunday Showcase.


Kimber An said...

Oooh, Steampunk, it's sooo intriguing. Are you hoping for an ARC too? Maybe the author should toss it in the air and we'll jump for it like in basketball.

Mystery Robin said...

LOL! Nope, it's all yours. I'm gonna just go buy it. I'm hoping I can catch her at an author event and have her sign it and chat a little about steampunk. There's one today, but it's about an hour away and Mystery Man had some nasty vaccines today, so I'm on baby defense all day long. ;)