Saturday, September 26, 2009


Oh, a chocolate chip! That's what I call Karen Templeton books, because I can't eat, I mean, read just one and they're kinda small and really yummy.


One summer when they were teenagers, Lili Szabo was visiting (stuck with) family for the summer and Tony Vaccaro was stuck with a cast on his leg, which not only ruined his summer but ruined his chances for college football. They were just friends (yeah, right,) but when Lili comes back to America all grown up she's glad she'd poured her true lovesick feelings into her teenage diarian in Hungarian instead of English. But, Lili's determination to live happily ever after is overcoming her reserved nature just in time for Tony.


Tony's been widowed for a while, but he's still struggling to cope with raising three little girls by himself. He's making it on his own and not just looking for a dumb chick to marry to do the job for him, or he would've pawned the girls off on their grandparents a long time ago. Just before he goes to a family party he learns a heartwrenching secret about his deceased wife and then he gets to the party and meets Lili again for the first time since that adolescent crush. He can't believe any women would be willing to take him on, three daughters and all, and is rather flabberghasted Lili would. Reserved people tend to be great listeners and that's exactly what Tony needs. Scrubbing toilets and changing diapers are bonus. But, can Lili handle his dead wife's secret and what it's done to him?


Be sure to have a glass of milk ready when you read this one, but also some ice water because Karen's one of the best love scene writers I know. Pop over to Karen's website to learn more This one came out in August but is worth ordering online.

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