Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book time.

Today I was due to review Magic Study by Maria V Snyder. I haven't quite written the review yet. I've read the book twice already. I'm on my third re-read.

This week was a bit busy, and yesterday I was doing various bloggy bits on my own site. Today I had meant to finish the book on a train journey, but that didn't happen either. I want to finish the re-read so that the story is fresh in my mind.

I can say that I'm picking up more details on this re-read. I love it as much as the first, and I'm getting tense in all the right places. And sometimes a lot earlier because I know what happens next!

I do apologise for not putting this review up today. I had a busy day, and had to take time to create a blog post about the day's exciting events.

They weren't as exciting as Kimber An's latest news! Congratulations again on the acceptance of your book! Yay! You're going to be published!

I promise to have a review of Magic Study on 5th August.

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