Saturday, July 10, 2010

Household Management Posts at My Blog

Good morning, Blog Buddies!  I'm the mother of four children, two of whom I homeschool and one of whom is a baby, and the wife of an airline pilot with a changing schedule.  And I'm bracing for the new school year.  This requires a TON of research and careful planning on my part.  Topics will include feeding, housekeeping, planning homeschool lessons, kids and their chores, and putting together the Master Schedule.  Starting today, I'm posting about that and I thought you might find some of it helpful.  Today's Topic:  'I've Given Birth to a Pack of Ravenous Hyenas.'  I've switched to a new personal blog, so here's the new one-
If you're an author or an author's associate with a book to send or recommend, please let me know.  However, I may not have time to review it.  I may pass it on to a fellow reviewer, but I'll at least showcase it with cover art and blurb. 
Everybody, if you have tips, please feel free to comment!

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