Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kimber An Accepts Publishing Contract

Good morning, Buds!  I've just accepted an ePublisher contract for SUGAR RUSH, my YA Paranormal Romance.  More details are forthcoming as I feel at liberty to discuss them.  Thanks to everyone for encouraging and helping me!


Rebecca Lynn said...


Congratulations, Kimber!!!

PV Lundqvist said...

That's a big Yay, right there.

Travis Erwin said...

Awesome. congrats!

Kimber An said...

Thanks a whole bunch!

I swing back and forth between nauseating "Ooooh, craaaap, have I got a lotta work to do" to "Someone's actually going to create cover art for MY book! This is so freakin' cool!"

My children keep things down to Earth for me though. Soon as I told them the news, they demanded dinner and then there was a poopy diaper to change.