Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review: Darkscape Redemption by R. Garland Gray

January 2010, Medallion Press (Sourced through Gazelle Books)
Science Fiction Romance, paperback, review copy

Summary from Gazelle Books

In this science fiction romance that blends clan alliances, historical heritage, and a feudal government, Declan de Douglas has come to Planet Forest to negotiate a trade agreement with the treacherous Clan MacKendrick. Despite his training on Planet Mars under the Braemer Keep of Clan Douglas, Declan is not prepared for the peril ahead and ends up in the collared life of slavery. Fallon MacKendrick, princess of the MacKendrick clan, has fallen deeply in love with this forbidden savage despite the laws of her betrothal contract. When she later discovers that he has been kidnapped, she resolves to rescue the haunted man who touched her heart. But the destined lovers are doomed unless Declan's soul can accept the DNA synthesis that has altered his physical makeup. Princess Fallon holds his life in her hands -- the only woman with the power to save him from his captors and himself.

This is actually the second book in the Darkscape series. (No, I haven't read the first). The Princess has red hair! I've heard that this is a stereotype, but in truth I haven't come across many red-heads. She isn't a wall flower, and is eager to escape from her betrothed, who is a pig in so many ways. Annoyingly he crops up several times in the story, having me clutch my cushion at several times. Fallon can be stubborn, she is highly intelligent and knows what she wants in life. She actually clashes with Declan on several occasions because of her independent streak. However, if it weren't for that, she and Declan wouldn't be together.

Declan himself is a likeable character. He battles with himself throughout the book, because he isn't 100% human any more. He questions his past actions and, with the comments of other characters, doesn't always believe he is right for Fallen. Fallen thinks otherwise! In a lot of respects Declan is in the most danger in the book: both from his own body and the vile enemies he makes.

Fallon disagrees. She has had a privileged upbringing, but is willing to put that aside in the attempt to ditch her unwanted fiance and help save Declan. Declan is in enemy hands, leading Fallen to enter into establishments that no princess should be seen in. I liked her resolve: even though she knew she was going to be in danger, she went ahead with her plans. What makes Fallon even more likeable to me, is that she has psychic abilities. She spends much of the book hiding just how high a rating she is, to protect herself. But there comes a point when she has to confess to her skills, to try and save a disaster from happening.

Content wise, there is a lot of romance and other elements to do with dubious establishments, so I rate this book Sensual to Highly Sensual. There is a little bit of violence, but most of the content is of a sensual nature.

I loved reading this book, and I hope that further books will include both Declan and Fallon.  Definitely one to add to your collection!

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