Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kimber An Wants It

Here's a couple more I want, but I'm not sure I'll ask for. The author probably doesn't need my help, so I might not be able to snag one anyway. Plus, my ARC stack is already ridiculously high. I sense a Read-And-Review Blitz coming on!

Speaking of xombies, I mean zombies, I found my copy of DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES by Linnea Sinclair and, thank goodness, it's an autographed copy. No, I am not turning spooky on you. They're ALIENs, 'kay? Alien zombie dudes. Speaking of dead alien dudes, I've also got THOSE OF MY BLOOD by Jacqueline Lichtenberg on the way. This is a vampire one, an ALIEN vampire one. I don't go for the standard issue blood-sucking dead guys, you know. I bought this one.


Walter Greatshell said...

Hey, Kimber An! Thanks for the interest in my XOMBIES books (and for your advice on bookstore signings). Absolutely I'll send you a copy of APOCALYPSE BLUES right away, and APOCALYPTICON as soon as it's available. Just tell me where to send 'em! My email address is

Kimber An said...

Oh, cool, thanks!