Sunday, October 18, 2009


And I mean the first one!
He reminds me of Yul Brynner, the most sizzling hot villain of all time. (((sigh)))
However, getting new cover art on old books and getting them out there again is a very good thing, so here they are-

Way to go, Susan! So, um, whens SUREBLOOD coming out, hmm? (((Kimber An drums fingers on desk))) I'm suffering from a deplorable shortage of Science Fiction Romance around here. However, the new cover art has reminded me, yet again, that there is one Susan Grant novel I have never read, THE STAR PRINCESS. So, I'm ordering it NEW. Always buy your favorite authors' books new. That's how they make money and stay in the business of writing the books you love. I'm also ordering a replacement copy of DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES. Lost it. Busy babymaking year, you know. Good news is, I had a cleaning lady come to my house yesterday! (Yes, that's angels you hear singing!)
To learn more about Susan's books, click here-

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