Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why I Read eBooks

Kimber An asked me to say a few words about eBooks probably because I'm such a raving fan of the format. I prefer to reviews books in eFormat. I especially love to read eBooks from new authors and/or authors at small to mid-sized presses.


Because that is where most of the experimental writing (i.e. most of the new, exciting writing) is currently.

The big print publishers need big print runs to make their big money. They do that by taking a storyline or author or voice proven to appeal to the average reader. That means nothing too edgy or strange.

At least… not until that edgy or strange is tested.

One of the testing grounds today is eBook. Erotica (which we do not review here on Enduring Romance) caught the interest of print publishers only after it had been proven successful in eBook format. Sci Fi romance and Fantasy romance is thriving in eBook format. That's pushing interest in print.

eBook is a relatively inexpensive format to experiment with. It is NOT a free format. There are expenses for author royalties, editing, cover art, third party distributors, site maintenance, etc. etc.

What IS inexpensive is giving a book extra time to find its audience. That is something ALL unique plots, genres, voices need.

I initially marketed my first rather unique contemporary romance incorrectly. The sales reflected it. In print format, my book would have been yanked from the bookstores immediately. Instead, my eBook/small press publisher gave me another chance (it didn't cost much more to keep the book up for sale). I tried different things. I had time to implement reader feedback (LOVE my readers). Sales picked up. In February 2010, the fifth story in the series will be released. My readership is growing but I still haven't found the perfect solution to growing it quickly (what big print publishers need). Until I do, eBook (and print on demand) is my only option.

That is why eBook is the future of publishing. It may not be the preferred format (for at least another decade or two) but it will nurture future writers, writers trying something different. If you are looking for unique reads, I strongly suggest looking in eBook format.


Kimber An said...

Thanks, Kimber Chin! (She's also known as 'K' here)

Blog Buds, do click on her username and pop over to her site to check her books. She writes Romances set in the business world, which kinda scares me 'cause it involves numbers, you know. I can only count over four if I take my mittens off.

K said...

LOL Kimber An

There are absolutely NO numbers in my books except for maybe 1 + 1 = hot, hot, hot.

The heroes or heroines tend to play in business. That's about it. So my big, strong alphas wear suits (can we say yum?). I love the look of a man in a great fitting suit.

Kimber Chin said...

Actually, my latest short, Released, will be available next week. If anyone wants to sample my writing (warning: I have sex - Harlequin historical romance level of heat, violence, and cuss words in my stories), email me at kimber @ and I'll send you a freebie copy of this short (33 pages).

Kimber An said...

"I love the look of a man in a great fitting suit."

Mmm, yeah, like Aragorn fresh from battle and still in his armor, all sweaty and scruffy-lookin'.

Now, Blog Buds, do you see why it's good to have more than one reviewer on a book blog?

Kimber An said...

Actually, Legoles was even hotter in his elven suit of armor, because he was blond.

Kimber Chin said...

They say that blond romance heroes on covers sell less books than dark haired romance heroes.


Blond, dark haired, asian, bald (Released has a bald hero), doesn't matter to me.

Kimber An said...

"They say that blond romance heroes on covers sell less books than dark haired romance heroes."

That's just crazy. As yet another act of writerly rebellion, all the male main characters in my currently-in-revision novel, SWEET, are blond. It's a 'running gag' throughout the story. The Heroine's sister accuses her of 'having a thing for blonds.'