Thursday, October 1, 2009

THE VISCOUNT'S KISS by Margaret Moore

I know, I know, this is a late review. Because Margaret Moore romances are so dependably good, I save them as rewards. The Viscount's Kiss was saved as a reward for finishing all my EPIC Award first round judging (discovered some wonderful new authors).

The Viscount's Kiss is Buggy's romance. If you've read A Lover's Kiss (with the hilarious potato throwing scene – a classic), you'll remember Buggy as the author of a biographical adventure book featuring spiders. Bromwell (aka Buggy) is a spider freak. He travels all over the world, studying them. He's currently raising money for his next expedition.

As an only son and heir, he knows he should marry and have kids. He can't bring himself to. His expeditions are very dangerous. He encounters cannibals and has been shipwrecked. He would never subject a wife to these conditions. And he wouldn't leave a wife at home for years and years (this was back in the day – travel took years).

He doesn't even consider marriage until he runs across Nell Springley. This impoverished lady's companion is in danger and on the run. Bromwell, as a true yet unusual gentleman, feels honor bound to help her. Suddenly Bromwell's clear view of his future becomes hazier.

I was a little nervous about this novel. I LOVE Buggy. I was afraid his story wouldn't live up to what I'd 'written' in my brain. I shouldn't have worried. The Viscount's Kiss exceeded expectations. I am now a Buggy fanatic! That first chapter when he has to do something absolutely horrific because it is the right and kind thing to do… wowsers, my heart squeezed!

I loved the transformation of Nell from a spider hater to a spider lover. It is so skillfully done that it felt natural. I could relate to it. My own hubby is a home theater fanatic. When I met him, I didn't even have a tv. Now, I can talk convergence and color temperatures with the best of them (and I do, every January when we attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas). Why? Because what is important to the people I love is important to me. I loved Nell for feeling the same way.

This is a Harlequin Historical so The Viscount's Kiss has Harlequin Historical heat levels and gore o'meter.

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