Friday, October 16, 2009

Sunday Showcase

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Kimber An said...

Good morning, Blog Buds! I'm writing about the Sunday Showcase here because I didn't want to bump Robin's review down the page. Busy readers don't always scroll down and might miss out.

Authors and Author Associates, if you have news you want to share with the blogosphere, please email me or the reviewer who's reviewed your book(s) before.

Don't count on me to go digging for your book news. I'm a very busy mama right now. In fact, we all have very busy real lives.

Readers, do pop back in Sunday for book news and comments. We don't post on a schedule that day, so you're best bet is to visit in the evening and scroll down to read all the posts, or one post, whatever. Sometimes we have a lot to post and sometimes nothing at all.