Thursday, December 2, 2010

Harbor Moon: Summer Romance Book 1 by Traci Mitchell

September 2010, kNight Romance Publishing Teen Bites
E-book & paperback, review copy
Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Summary from kNight Romance Publishing

Ordinary 16 year old Deanna Langsford was prepared for another boring summer with her parents on Leech Lake, but things soon changed when she met Eric Matthews. 
Her life revolved around reading paranormal romances, but never did she dream of actually meeting a wolf shapeshifter, and not to mention one so hot. 
Deanna discovers a secret about of which could cost Eric his life.

Yet another good read from a publisher I've recently discovered. Deanna really is very ordinary - at least that's how she looks on the outside. On the inside, changes occur in the fateful summer, changes which warrent a lot of time in hospital. Doctors can cure a lot of illnesses. For some there is no cure, only treatments. Yet what Deanna suffers from isn't a well known disease. Nor is it contagious. It is something she is. It's something that when she first finds bout about Eric, she wouldn't mind what the future holds. She's dead scared of him being a wolf shapeshifter, and understandably so. It wasn't as if he was saying he had a fake leg. Being a predator is something different. But Deanna learns that different doesn't mean dangerous. Slowly she overcomes her fear, and that's when the truth about her comes out. I'm really liking paranormal books where the protagonist isn't an ordinary human, where she (or he, but it's mostly she in the books I read) is something that can threaten the species of the one she loves, or could threaten another species (and thus people want to kill here)  I really enjoyed how her family paid an important role in the story. It makes Deanna easier to relate to than if she was an orphan (although I enjoy those stories too). The progression of the plot from liking Eric, to hating him, to loving him, to then be afraid to hurt him was expected, but nonetheless still an enjoyable read. I was swept up in the action scenes, and really wish that Deanna wasn't such a danger. However Eric gives her hope, and I'm looking forward to see what the future holds for the pair in book 2.

Heat wise this is a mild read.


Kimber An said...

Way to go, Nayu! This does sound like a riveting read. I also love the cover. The guy is hot, you know, for being a brown-haired guy.
Want to know a bit of trivia? We considered the girl on the cover for Ophelia on the Sugar Rush cover. She's beautiful, but she didn't match up with the image in my head. I'm glad she found a 'home' elsewhere!

Nayuleska said...

Thanks Kimber! Wow - it really is a small world! Having read them both I think each fits the story they 'belong' to.