Saturday, December 4, 2010

Organizing - or a Writer’s Worst Nightmare

I know you’ve all heard it before – you should be more organized. And I think most writers are, to an extent. Sometimes only we understand the order things are in, but they do have an order. At least, that’s how I was up until about two weeks ago.
Then I found OneNote. Normally, I don’t endorse any one software. And OneNote is definitely not the only software of its kind. Scrivener is a different one that does basically the same thing. It’s a virtual notebook. You can update it in one place, save to your LiveID account, and work on it from somewhere else. I can let specific people have access to show them something or to get their opinion. (I don’t, but it’s a nice option) I can even drop photos, videos, web addresses, screenshots, make my own audio notes.
I like it because it lets me drop all those snippets of stories that I write into one place. I can mark where I might want them to go, but I don’t have to leave them hanging out at the end of the document. I’ve deleted more things by accident that way….
I’ve also started to keep character sketches there. I put pictures of people that look like them, I write their likes and dislikes, favorite foods, songs, etc.  Before, I would write it down on a post its and stick it with the millions of other pieces of paper and post its in a folder. Or on the desk. Or in my work bag. Never to be seen again.
So if you’re looking for something to get you organized and make life a little easier, try it out! Some people go the traditional way and keep everything tucked in a spiral notebook. I’m a teacher. I carry enough paper with me everywhere, and I already carry my idea notebook. This, on the other hand, fits on my jump drive and I can take it anywhere.
What other ways do you keep organized?

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