Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday's Oldies but Goodies...

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Today's Oldie but Goodie is...

The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning.
First released August 2004
Like most women, I thoroughly enjoy a story with a strong male and a strong female as the main characters. Nothing turns my stomach more than a whimpering female that allows the lead male to run roughshod all over her feelings & treat her as if she doesn't have the good sense to use the brain God gave her - and she totally loves him anyway.
Gabrielle O'Callaghan is not that kind of woman. She is a Sidhe Seer, a very rare mortal that can see the Fae as they dwell in our world. Gabrielle has been taught since childhood to act as if she cannot see the Fae, because all in her line have vanished once the truth was out and their abilities exposed. So Gabrielle lives her adult life seeing the astoundingly beautiful creatures around her, but never once acknowledging their presence, because she knows the moment she does she is dead.
Adam Black doesn't like to be ignored.
The last of the D'Jai Princes, he is a Fae unlike any other. Darkly handsome, extremely cunning, he is a favorite of the Fae Queen, until he is cursed by her for going against her orders. Now, not only is he human, but he is still invisible to all except a Sidhe Seer, of which there is believed to be none still living.
Until he runs into Gabrielle.
At first, his interest is one of pure selfishness. He wants to find a way to undo the curse and find a way into Gabrielle's bed. Gabrielle wants nothing to do with the dark fairy, believing when his curse is lifted she will be killed. Fate, as it were, had other plans for both of them. For when Adam and Gabrielle discover a plot to overthrow the Fae queen and take over the Human realm, they must work together to prevent the end of the world as they both know it. Lucky thing they decide they are better together than apart.
The Immortal Highlander was another one of those stories I could not put down. I literally read this story in one sitting. Ms. Moning has a gift for pulling you right into her world. It was amazing to me that I could picture the world she built. Her character development is also top-notch. Before you are done reading this one you will be cheering for Adam and Gabrielle, both to save the Queen and the Earth, and also to finally find their way to each other. And when they do - wow. The heat level is highly sensual, but it is woven into the natural progression of the story.
You can learn more about this author and see a full list of her novels on her website
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Kimber Li said...

Awesome review, Lady B! An original highland story and not a Too-Stupid-To-Live Heroine in sight.

Robyn said...

Oh, this one was DIVINE. I liked Adam Black from the earlier books; glad to see him get his own story! Hurrah for the Headless Highlander Hotties!

LadyBronco said...

I lovelovelove this story!
I'm currently trying to locate the other stories in hard cover.

Mfitz said...

On of my friends, a librarian, met Moning a few years back at some sort of Ohio/Kentucky writer's bookfair and like her so much she started to talk up her books before even reading one.

She turned me on th Moning's stories. The Highlander books are all real fun romps. Moning pays attention to story telling nuts and bolts, the plots work and the characters are charming and clever, but they don't take themselves too seriously. There is just the right amount of tongue in cheek.