Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beyond Ecstasy by K Lynch

August 2010, Outskirts Press
E-book, review copy
Suspense romance

Summary from Outskirts 
Beginning with the time of the French Revolution through today, the "trilogy" emulates the intricate yet unpredictable, ever changing events in peoples' lives. The occurrences for the most part are factual, with only names and locations having been changed. Through these series of events, the Island of Berneau emerges as a paradise for all those who desire to make their fantasies a reality. 

One begins with a young single mother who, as a marital therapist is faced with a difficult dilemma. This is followed by a young, driven ER physician who attempts to run from tragedy only to be faced with his own mortality. Events finally culminate with the emergence of a career criminal who is a remorseless killer. His effect on the island inhabitants will be profound.

This was an intriguing book. I admit that I would happily have read the prologue (which introduced the history of the island) at the end. It provided background details, but I was eager to get on with the book. And the book really is all in the modern day - the French revolution part was to do with the prologue. 

That aside, the book itself was interesting. I enjoyed watching the story unfold, and how the lives of all three protagonists were interwoven. Carol's plight is scary. Some of it is her own fault - ok, a lot of it is. What she doesn't isn't necessarily morally right. She just wants to keep her son safe, fed and housed. She does that, but she doesn't stop when she could. She gets a bit greedy. However, she can escape from her life - although it does come and catch up with her in the third part of the book. I can't say the ER doctor gained my emotional investment - but he is pivotal in the story. I'm not sure whether it says something that I was more intrigued by the criminal than the doctor! There is no question the criminal had evil motives. He really should have done his research about where he was going - his demise is his own fault. I think rage drove him to his death - most people know what would happen in the situation he threw himself into. 

I class this as an easy read. There were a couple of plot twists which were a surprise, but most were obvious. It was enjoyable though. There is infrequent violence, cursing is kept to a minimum. I class this as sensual. 

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