Saturday, October 23, 2010

SUGAR RUSH Now at Amazon

SUGAR RUSH at Amazon
Oh, crap, I still haven't created my author's page there yet!
By the way, the Cyber-Launch Book Party starts in just under three hours?  I've just sent the Blood-Sucking Dead Guys to breakfast so they won't be hungry when the party starts.  If you're diabetic, try to remember you're only a lollypop to the Oldbloods and the Newbloods weren't invited.  Still, it's a good idea to bring your diabecracker along to watch your back.  What's a diabecracker?
A diabecracker is someone who loves a diabetic.  The nickname was originally created as an insult by the Newbloods (alien/human hybrids,) but the diabecrackers embraced it like the American revolutionaries embraced the British insult, Yankees.  Newbloods find diabecrackers extremely annoying.  Diabecrackers are always helping or trying to help diabetics avoid and escape the Newbloods, and making sure they test and eat right and all that.

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Tia Nevitt said...

Ok, I'm waiting here. (Drums nails.) (Turns to glare at a Klingon.) "You know, here on Earth, we form LINES! And stop stepping on that poor tribble"