Friday, November 26, 2010

Finished AMAZON INK Again

The trouble with being an author is I have no time to read other people's books, except as a critique partner for fellow published authors or for research.  Sometimes, I really do miss being a book reviewer.  I needed some inspiration for the massive amount of world-building I need to do for my next novel, so I made the time to read AMAZON INK by Lori Devoti again.  She always writes great First Person POV, a skill I envy.  The thing is I never would have plucked this book off the store shelf.  Its cover is stereotypical Urban Fantasy, a kick-butt chick with a weapon.  Usually, either the boobs or the belly button is showing too.  How's a reader supposed to know which book he or she might love if they all look the same?  Book reviewers.  I found out about Amazon Ink from fellow blogging book reviewer/debut author Tia Nevitt   The great thing about re-reading a book you like is finding new and wonderful things about it, which turns it into a book you love.  The author also had great writers' resources at her website.  Go check out Lori Devoti

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Nayuleska said...

I love Amazon Ink! I loved it because of the voice, and how it is so family orientated.