Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review: Miss Bramble & the Leviathan by Kristen Painter

Miss Bramble & the Leviathan
by Kristen Painter

Genre: Steampunk Novella
Publisher: Samhain
Cost: $3.50

What I Liked:
I have been waiting for.ev.er for this book to come up in my TBR pile. I keep reading one and seeing this book down the list and thinking... just once, I'm going to skip down and read it out of order. But I didn't. And the day is finally here. Praise the good Lord.

Of course, I was not at all disappointed, once I got to sit down and read it. If you follow this blog, you will remember when I *raved* about Kristen Painter's Heart of Fire fantasy romance several months ago, so I had pretty high expectations. I also write Steampunk, so that's like three strikes right there. But Kristen Painter delivered, made good on all promises, assuaged my deep fear that I would have to write a not-glowing review, and gave me yet another book that I will be re-reading in the weeks and months to come.

Hence, the glowing review.

Seriously, listen to some of these lines:

"After a brief forever of sinful pleasure, she pulled away." and "the lightning in her eyes had roused a need in him born of too much air time." and "'Wouldn’t dream of it.' He would, however, dream of her. Of the way her disapproving scowl bent her pretty mouth, the tempest that surely lurked within her buttoned-up soul and the means he might use to loose that tempest."

How could you not get lost in this world? I know I did. And I will get lost in it. Again, and again. I only hope that this is not the last we see of this Steampunk fantasy Kristen Painter has created. It would be worth another trip, or two or three. Or seven.

Book Blurb:
The last thing she planned to steal was his heart.

The Company. Military institution, protector of Praeton and the nation of Grand Isle. Dirty rotten thief.

When Pandora Bramble steps aboard the Company’s premiere airship Daedalus it’s not for the exclusive VIP tour. It’s to secure proof that the Company stole the regulator valve her father designed—even if it means tearing the engine apart. Foiled by the unexpected appearance of a handsome crew member, she despairs of ever getting another chance—until he kisses her.

Captain Theolonius Hatch, sentenced to engine room duty for refusing to take part in the Company’s fleet week activities, never dreamed a woman like Pandora existed. Her brains match her beauty, a combination that adds up to more trouble than he ever expected.

As Pandora allows Theolonius to sweep her into a whirlwind courtship, her wildest dreams come true. As do her greatest fears, leaving her to decide what matters most. Loyalty…or love.

The clock is ticking.

~ Rebecca Lynn

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